2013.10.16 / ruby


前回の記事の中でMacBaconにPull Request送った話を書きましたが、本家のRubyMotion自体とは実装が分かれていることに気づいたので、改めてPull Requstを送ることにしました。(実質同じ内容)







  = RubyMotion 2.11 =
    * Added the `rake clean:all' task which deletes all build object files
      (ex. those in ~/Library/RubyMotion/build). We recommend using that task
      before building an App Store submission.
    * Added support for Xcode asset catalogs. This can be used to manage all your
      image assets in a visual way, including your application's icons. You can
      create and edit a new catalog like so:
      $ mkdir resources/Images.xcassets && open -a Xcode resources/Image.xcassets
    * Fixed a long standing limitation in the compiler where overriding in Ruby
      an Objective-C method that accepts a C-level block was not possible.
    * Fixed a regression where `return' from a block would terminate the app.
    * Improve the build system to always copy embedded.mobileprovision. Thanks to
      Jan Brauer for the patch (pull request #121).
    * Fixed a bug where a boxed struct would incorrectly be interpreted as a
      object type, leading to the dispatcher not recognizing a signature.
    * Fixed a bug where compiled object files of a vendored project were not
      actually being cleaned when running `rake clean`.
    * Fixed a bug where defining a singleton method on an object inside a method
      with named parameters (Objective-C-style selector) would result in that
      method being defined in the runtime with a wrong selector.
    * Fixed a bug where Range objects created with non-literal begin/end points
      would never be released, and therefore leaking memory.
    * Added `context` method as `describe` alias in spec.  Thanks to Ryo Katsuma
      for the patch (pull request #134).
    * Fixed a small internal memory leak in the dispatcher when sending the
      #method_missing message.
    * Fixed a bug in the compiler where providing nil as the value of a C-level
      block argument would not actually pass NULL but an empty Block structure
      instead. Thanks to Ruben Fonseca for the detective work.
    * [iOS] Fixed a bug where device log is wrong filtered with `rake device' 
      when performed day is 1-9.
    * [iOS] Added support to launch the app as 64-bit in simulator.
    * [iOS] Fixed where non-retina iPad simulator does not launch as default.
      Thanks to Fabio Kuhn for the patch (pull request #133).
    * [iOS] Fixed a regression where certain GameKit class properties could not
      be used (ex. GKMatchRequest#minPlayers).
    * [iOS] Fixed a link error where "ld: framework not found IOKit" is caused
      with iOS 7 SDK when it will run `rake device'.
    * [OSX] Fixed the wrong default settings of short cut key in menu. Thanks to
      Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA for the detective work.